?Keep reading. It’s one of the most marvelous adventures that anyone can have.?

– Lloyd Alexander


David Chaundy-Smart

David Chaundy-Smart is the founding editor of four magazines, including Gripped, Canada?s climbing magazine. He is also the author of five climbing guidebooks and numerous articles in the Canadian Alpine Journal and Climbing magazine.?He started climbing in 1975 and has made numerous ascents in Europe as well as North America. He has called Toronto and Calgary home and is now the editorial director for Gripped publishing. He lives in Toronto, Ontario.

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Mike Lauchlan is a Queen’s Engineering Physics graduated who has strategically portioned his life among his enduring passions of career, family, music, astronomy and outdoor pursuits.



Mike Lauchlan

Mike Lauchlan


Jeff Long


A New York Times bestselling author, Jeff Long is indisputably one of the best storytellers of the mountain world. The collection of his short stories spans 30 years of his award winning career including the seeds that spawned several novels such as?The Wall, The Ascent, The Descent,?and the classic rock-climber’s anthem,?Angels of Light.?Each includes commentary by Jeff long on the making of the stories, his life as a writer, and advice to the young mountaineers and writers who would dream of publishing the limits of mountain stories.

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David Stevenson has been climbing for over forty years. His most informative and memorable days in the mountains were spent on the north ridge of Mt. Kennedy in the St. Elias in the late seventies. After not reaching the summit there he went on to not reach summits in the great ranges of the world including the Alps, the Cordillera Blanca, the Himalaya, and in the ranges of North American the Boulevard Award for Emerging Fiction Writers and the Montana Prize awarded through The Whitefish Review.

Since 1995 he has served as the book review editor of the American Alpine Journal. He writes casually about books and mountains at a semi-maintained blog, I May Be Some Time at ddstevenson.blogspot.ca. He directs the Low-Residency MFA Program in creative writing at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

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David Stevenson

Jerry Auld


Jerry Auld lives in the Canadian Rockies and write stories about the mountains, including the Boardman-Tasker nominated Hooker & Brown?(Brindle & Glass, 2009) and the Banff Mountain Book Festival shortlisted?Short Peaks?(Imaginary Mountain Surveyors, 2013). His most recent effort is a collaboration with long-time friend Mike Lauchlan, with 2015’s?A Jazz Guide to Banff (and the Universe).

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