Review: The Wall

The Wall Book Cover The Wall
Jeff Long
Pocket Star Books
Trade Paperback

A half mile up the sunlit walls of Yosemite, a rope breaks, a young woman plunges to her death, and the rescue from hell begins.Thirty-five years ago, Hugh Glass found glory on El Cap, and met the woman he would marry and lose. Now he's back to climb the wall again, and make a fresh start. But when disaster strikes a team of women high above, Hugh finds himself drawn into a dead vertical race against time. Plagued by fire, ice, and old demons, he reaches the wreckage of the fall, where the rescuers become the victims. Caught between the golden summit and terminal velocity, they cannot retreat, but may not survive the harrowing mystery of the wall.

From the best opening chapter in Mountain Fiction history (the anquished moments in a climber’s mind as she falls to her death from high on El Capitan big walls) to a pitch-perfect rendering of Yosemite and Camp 4 in its heyday to the present, this novel is a page-tuirning thriller that takes you up a sea of granite, cuts you adrift into a gripping narrative, and never really lets you down.