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Cinema Vertigo
by David Smart (2017)

A once-proud country shrinking under occupation ? a washed-up director scraping for one final chance ? armed partisans retreating to the high mountains as a last refuge ? and a singular movie script with an unheard-of restriction: it must be shot on location in fabled Chamonix and the glaciers of the Alps.
Far from German-controlled Paris, the cosmopolitan actors and film crew disembark into the hard hands of the mountain guides and begin filming a story that will challenge them to see the beauty and power of nature and the simple grit and strength of the mountain people and give them ? and France herself ? a chance at redemption against their oppressors.


Above the Reich
by David Chaundy-Smart (2016)

From David Chaundy-Smart, the founding editor of Canada's climbing magazine Gripped, comes a tale of one man's stand for all that is good in a world going mad: in the 1930's, a promising young alpinist from Munich struggles to stay above the fray and the base instincts of the valley that threaten to destroy all that he knows, and remain in that higher, more peaceful Reich of the high Alps.


A Jazz Guide to Banff
by Mike Lauchlan (2015)

Deep within the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Ravi, a jazz trumpet player at the Banff Centre for the Arts, gets mixed up with the ghosts of the Banff Springs Hotel in all the wrong ways.
Ravi moved to the Rocky Mountains in search of the woman of his dreams. And a beaver. Now, deep in the labyrinth of service tunnels beneath the Banff Springs Hotel, events set in motion with the first, fire-ravaged foundations threaten to throw everyone into a hellish trap. Ravi, an unwitting participant, must stop the whole demonic orchestra or lose the only one left in the world that he loves.


Too Close to God
by Jeff Long (2015)

The selected works of the New York Times best-selling author Jeff Long. One of the best mountain fiction writers of our time, author of The Wall, The Ascent, and Angels of Light among many others, presents his best stories from the last 40 years. Each story has an Author note, a map, and a graphic. The work also includes a preface from the author and an introduction by the editor-in-chief of Alpinist magazine, Katie Ives, about the importance of mountain fiction as a genre and Jeff?s contribution over his writing career.


2014 - Fiction Award
2014 - Fiction Award

Letters from Chamonix
by David Stephenson (2014)

International climbing tales from by?gone eras to the present that speak of the essence of mountain adventure and hint at those things that prowl just outside of our consciousness, how we deal with falls from great heights, and the sublime difference between an accident and revenge..

The book won the 2014 Award for Mountain Fiction and Poetry at the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival.


Canadian Mountain Mazes
by the Surveyors (2013)

Challenge yourself and your children, and learn about Canadian mountains while having fun solving these incredible mazes. Solve mazes that mimic the geological patterns of iconic peaks and rock formations ranging from sea to sea to sea. Solutions are online.

44 pages, black and white on heavy paper for some serious work with your eraser!


2014 - Fiction Award
2013 - Fiction Award

Short Peaks
by Jerry Auld (2013)

33 brief mountain tales ? from angels on summits to ghosts on ledges, from madmen on diamox to malevolent gurus on mountain tops ? these intertwined and very short peeks at the mountains tell tales from the past, present, and future.

This is Jerry Auld?s second book and shortlisted for the 2013 Mountain Fiction and Poetry Award at the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival. Find out more at