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 Submitting Stories to IMS

We are interested in both short and long-form fiction.
If you have a novel-length project, please contact us to discuss.
Alternatively, if you have a single short story (max 5000 words) that we might be interested in, we do buy these for upcoming collections. We pay 10 cents a word (on final edit length, and will purchase outright (rights and all). Please ensure that the manuscript is a PDF file, that the layout is readable, and that your name, page number, and title appear on each page.

Submission Criteria

Outside of short stories (as mentioned above), we normally don?t accept unsolicited manuscripts.
We do not publish poetry.
We accept email introductions. All projects will be handled on a one-to-one basis. We want to talk to you and find out what you?re dreaming up.

Please understand that we work with a very defined niche: Mountain Fiction. This means our projects MUST fit both of these definitions:

Fiction ? the work must be fictional, it may be based on truth, such as in historical fiction, but it needs to depart from historical fact and leave no doubt that it is a work of imagination.

Mountain ? mountains or mountain culture must comprise a pillar of the story or figure prominently in each of the pillars such as setting, character, plot, conflict and theme. If you can move the story and tell it in a different setting, for instance ? it is fiction, but not Mountain Fiction.

Any type of story that fits this bill could be considered: a fictional guidebook, a children?s story or activity book, a biography of a fictional mountaineer, an imaginary map, an encyclopedia of lost mountains, or a film of a concocted expedition. We are fans of mountain fiction; surprise us!